From Commerce to the Catalyst: This Barrio was the Starting Point of the Pueblo Revolt

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It was in the early 1600s when the first Spanish colonizers made their way to New Mexico, and began building the area that is now known as the Barrio de Analco, considered one of the oldest residential neighborhoods of European descent. 

Like other areas where the Spanish had spread their roots, the region was built around a centralized point, with the remaining buildings encircling it. This created a fortified region in which the Spanish could thrive after taking over the land from the Tlascalan tribes that normally inhabited the area. 

The Santa Fe area, home to the historic Barrio de Analco, became a social, political, and commercial hub, and each passing year saw the area grow. In fact, the area grew steadily for nearly 70 years under Spanish colonization until 1680. 

Growth came to an almost immediate halt when the Great Pueblo Revolt erupted. Tired of dealing with the indoctrination and colonization the Spanish brought to their lands, the Pueblo Indians rose up against them. Barrio de Analco was the first area that the Pueblo attacked — with so much commerce and so many Spanish members of importance, it was a tactical and moral victory for the Pueblo. 

With the Spanish fleeing, the Pueblo held Santa Fe for twelve years until 1692. Diego de Vargas and his fleet returned to Santa Fe, eventually regaining control of the land. The Spanish began to rebuild the area, and once more, it became a place where people thrived. 

Things to know before you go: 

  • As Barrio de Analco is a district, it is open to the public at all times for walking through, but the historic buildings all differ in terms of times when they are open and closed. 
  • Some say the best place to start when walking the area is the Roque Tudesqui House at 129 E. De Vargas St. The building was built in the 1840s and shows the mixture of Spanish and American design in the construction. 
  • The Chapel (Mission) of San Miguel is one of the oldest buildings in the area, having been originally built during the first wave of colonization in the early 1600s. It was torn down and rebuilt in the 1700s. 

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States.

Address: 221 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501, United States.

Check out this iconic neighborhood here.×250.jpeg

By Liv Styler

Olivia Monahan Chicana journalist, editor, educator, and organizer in Sacramento whose sole focus is to shed light on stories on our most impacted and marginalized communities, but even more importantly, for those stories to humanize those normally left out. She is an Ida B Wells Investigative Journalism Fellow 2022 Finalist, a member of the Parenting Journalists Society, and has bylines in The Courier, The Sacramento Bee, The Americano, Submerge Magazine among others.

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