Que Delicia: The National Dish of the Dominican Republic, Tres Golpes

Tres Golpes

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The national dish of the Dominican Republic is big, bright, bold, and leaves you feeling full and content. Doesn’t this sound like the Dominican Republic itself? It is one of the more traditional and beloved ways to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner served.

If you’ve ever eaten tres golpes, then you know that it is a hearty meal. It can be served at any time of day and act as more than enough sustenance to get you through to your next meal. The dish is so big it can probably serve the whole family. Of course, it all depends on how big your family is.

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What exactly is ‘tres golpes’?

Tres Golpes, which roughly translated means ‘three hits’ or ‘three shots,’ is a dish that contains multiple components. However, it is made with simple preparation and presentation, so it takes far less time than you would think to prepare. It consists of sunny-side-up eggs (the crispier the edges the better in my humble opinion), slices of queso de frier, mangú, and fried salchichón. Furthermore, it is usually served with a side of pickled red onions and fresh avocado. 

In case some of those terms don’t feel familiar, salchichón is Dominican salami, hard, dry, and cured, mangú is a mash that is made of boiled green plantains, and queso de frier is exactly what it says it is. Fried cheese. It is specifically a kind of dry cheese with a high melting point. While the ingredients are easy to find in the Dominican Republic, they may not be as easily accessible to all so you can use Haloumi, another kind of cheese meant to be fried. 

Put together, this hearty meal has managed to win an entire country over. It’s a dish that brings families together to share with each other and create memories over the smells and tastes that encapsulate the culture. It’s a beautiful expression of love to be found in a plate of food. 

The recipe in and of itself is simple. But I found one that seems to be authentic and inspired fond memories in the cook. So, if you’re wanting to give tres golpes a try, this is a good go-to. 


By Liv Styler

Olivia Monahan Chicana journalist, editor, educator, and organizer in Sacramento whose sole focus is to shed light on stories on our most impacted and marginalized communities, but even more importantly, for those stories to humanize those normally left out. She is an Ida B Wells Investigative Journalism Fellow 2022 Finalist, a member of the Parenting Journalists Society, and has bylines in The Courier, The Sacramento Bee, The Americano, Submerge Magazine among others.


By Rachel

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