Denver’s Lucy Lucero House Was a Haven for the Latino LGBTQ+ Community

Isaac Vallenilla
 | June 14, 2022

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Did you know that Denver, Colorado, is one of the cities with the largest Latino population in the United States?

It is not surprising that the city has an important Latino imprint, both historically and culturally, as the Rocky Mountain State witnessed several waves of migration from Mexico during the 20th century.

An often forgotten landmark for Latinos in Denver is the home of Lucy Lucero at 547 Galapago Street.

Lucy Lucero was born in 1919 in Somerset, Colorado. Her father was a Belgian immigrant who worked in the mines, and her mother was Mexican, Spanish, and Native American.

Lucy grew up in poverty, inspiring her mission to help others. People on Galapago Street called her “Aunt Lucy,” and she became everyone’s favorite aunt on Denver’s Westside.

Lucy Lucero was a fantastic woman known for her big heart. She ran a restaurant, a tree trimming business, and cooked for hundreds of hungry souls. At her home on Galapago Street, she took in dozens of children and adults to feed.

Lucy Lucero House
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Lucy Lucero’s House was also a shelter

From the 1950s until 2010, Lucy Lucero’s home was also a haven for gay Latinos.

In the 1980s, Lucero’s home and her family housed young Chicanos with HIV who suffered from fear and rejection but came to a place filled with music, food, and laughter.

The story of Lucy Lucero and her home on Galapago Street is not well known to the Latino community. Still, it is essential to remember and celebrate it more than ever during Pride month.

Fun Facts:

  • Lucy Lucero was the aunt of renowned author Kali Fajardo-Anstine, who recovered the story of her aunt and her work.
  • The two-story house was home to Lucy and Joanna Lucero, and many remember it as a home filled with the aroma of beans and green chile.
  • Neighbors would often stop by to ask for $5 for a pack of cigarettes.
  • At Lucy’s house, the television was always set to Turner Classic Movies.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Address: 547 Galapago Street

Google View 360: Visit Lucy Lucero’s house here.

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