Dr. Shaquita Bell is named “Physician of the Year”

Michael Wynne
 | September 15, 2022

Credit: Greater than Covid

Dr. Shaquita Bell, Senior Medical Director of OBCC (Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic) in Seattle, has been awarded the 2022 Physician of the Year award by the Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP).

Dr. Bell has been working hard at OBCC for the past 16 years. Throughout this time, she has shown a long-standing commitment to providing the best health care to indigenous and multiracial children in the community.

“I have always been interested in community health,” Bell said. “I am committed to providing care to all regardless of their insurance status, ability to pay, their gender identity, sexual identity, language, culture, or any other box that society puts people in.” said Dr. Bell. 

The OBCC is known for providing top level healthcare to children from low income families. Their healthcare system provides medical, dental, and behavioral health to people from the ages of infancy to adolescence. The services are offered regardless if the family can pay or not. 

An estimated total of 40,000 patients a year go to OBCC. One and 10 families are immigrant families and, on average, there are hundreds of families going into the clinic that total approximately 30 different languages. The clinic is reliable and accessible. 

The OBCC is currently looking to expand the size of its building to accommodate more patients. If only there were more clinics like this around the country providing similar services. 

The AAIP award for best Physician is one of the most prestigious awards a doctor can receive. “I feel very honored to receive this recognition, especially so early in my career, caring for children and their families is incredibly rewarding work that I’m deeply proud to be a part of everyday at OBCC,” said Dr. Bell. 

Congratulations to Dr. Bell and the whole OBCC team!

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