The Best Latino Players at the 2022 World Cup

 | November 30, 2022

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Throughout the sport, Latino players have consistently made an impact on the gameplay of the World Cup and FIFA in general. This is why when it came to choosing the best Latino players in FIFA, it felt like it would be an impossible task. Luckily, their stats did it for us. As we embark on day one of the World Cup, let’s look at a few Latino players who are kicking up dust in the world of soccer. 

Cristian Romero

A confident backline-men coupled with superb ball-handling skills earns Romero a spot as one of the best Latino players in FIFA 22. His growth throughout his career has been evident, and he has blossomed into a player that is certainly on the minds of some of the more prominent franchises as days go by. He’s known for his aggressive ball play and willingness to make plays regardless of how difficult they may be. 

Lautaro Martinez

One of the main reasons that Argentina is a contender in the 2022 World Cup is because of the goal-scoring of Lautaro Martinez. With an impressive 20 goals in 38 games for the national team, Martinez has consistently proven his worth no matter what team he plays for. 

Having stepped in for Lukaku on the Inter-Milan team after Lukaku left for Chelsea F.C, Martinez silenced the naysayers who believed that Milan would suffer and, in fact, showed that he was even better than the man who held the position before him, scoring 21 goals in Serie A alone. 


Neymar is a name recognized worldwide, as he has consistently been ranked one of the best footballers in the last ten years. He is a veritable force to be reckoned with on the field, so much so that he has actually surpassed the legendary Pele in goal scoring, with 74 goals in 119 matches. 

While his larger-than-life personality has undoubtedly gained him attention off the field, his talent on the field is undeniable. 


Casemiro is, hands-down, one of the best defensive midfielders in the world right now. His keen ability to control the ball with almost perfect precision, his supreme tackling skills, and his insurmountable interception talent are just a few of the many reasons Casemiro has made this list. Playing for Real Madrid for six years, we watched Casemiro create a legacy he carries over to his new team, Manchester United. 

Vinicius Jr. 

The transition from a player who barely made headlines to a player who has become one of the best Latin footballers in the world felt nearly instantaneous when it comes to Vinicius Jr. 

After taking the stage with Real Madrid a year ago, he became a player who is one of the fastest on the field, and who follows that speed up with a marksmen’s accuracy when shooting. He is one of the lead contenders thought to be able to fall the mighty Neymar in the Qatar World Cup this year. Only time will tell.×300.png

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