Latinas in Tech: Lilian Rincon’s Breakthrough Moment

Latinas in Tech Lilian Rincon Breakthrough Moment

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Mathematics is a language that does not change when we change geography – perhaps the very fact that made technology maven Lilian Rincon fall in love with numbers at a young age.

Born and raised in Venezuela, Rincon, who is half Chinese and half Spanish, had the privilege of living on three continents before the age of twelve. Luckily, math is a universal language.

Today she is one of the most important women in technology worldwide, with more than 20 years of experience in consumer Internet and 15 years in management.

She is known for her work at Conversations, a platform at Microsoft. She also made her mark at Bing, adCenter, Bing Mobile, Skype Mobile, Google Assistant, Skype, and with artificial intelligence with Google Assistant.

But, with all of her experience, Rincon’s breakthrough moment was the redesign of the Skype app for Android. The app was named one of the best of 2015 by Google Play Store and earned an average of more than 4 stars. In 2019, Rincon was named one of the 15 most powerful women at Google, and is recognized by international magazines as one of the most important Latinas in technology.

Since 2017, Rincon has been working with Google as director of product management. Today, she is a senior product manager for Google Assistant, which is used by nearly 500 million people.


By Isaac Vallenilla

Isaac Vallenilla is a cinema enthusiast with a Major in Modern languages from La Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela. He has been working as a proofreader, translator and educator for 6 years. He currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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