Rosario Dawson Becomes the First Latina Jedi, Ahsoka

From Clerks to the Star Wars, Actress Rosario Dawson is leading the way in fan-favorite universes.

At the Star Wars Celebration event in London, a much-anticipated event for Star Wars fans around the world, there was no announcement bigger than the debut trailer for “Ahsoka,” starring the Latina actress as the beloved Jedi.

Dawson told the audience at Celebration: “I’ve had so many pinch-me moments, even on the last day of shooting, when we turn the lightsabers on, and I’m in the world of Star Wars. … I’m poised and ready, because if this does well, we’re going to get a second season.”

Star Wars has quietly become a franchise that gives kudos to the Latino and Hispanic talent in Hollywood. Still, this is the first time in a live action Star Wars that a Latina is playing a character that was formerly adapted.

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Who is Ahsoka?

Ahsoka originated in the 3D Clone Wars cartoons that debuted in cinema. The show premiered on Cartoon Network, but moved to Netflix and made its final home on Disney+.

In 2020, Dawson debuted the Jedi’s live-action portrayal in the series “The Mandalorian,” another Star Wars series which stars Chilean-born actor Pedro Pascal .

“Embodying a character, literally, physically, every single day, has brought on a whole other level of experience to working on a project, and bringing a character to life,” Dawson told Variety about playing the jedi. “It’s changing me.”

Ahsoka is streaming exclusively on Disney+ in August 2023.


Are you excited for the Ahsoka series?


By Michael Wynne

Michael Wynne is a writer from New York living in Los Angeles with roots in Puerto Rico and Wales. Passionate about storytelling and film, he's currently working on several scripts and producing content for various businesses and brands.

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