Becky G Receives the Key to Coachella for Her Contributions to the Latino Community

 | May 3, 2023

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After a successful performance at the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Latina singer and performer Becky G was honored with the key to the City of Coachella for “her continuous contribution to music and support to the Latino community.”

The city of Coachella is the easternmost city of the Coachella Valley, where 96.6 percent of the population is of Latino origin (according to the United States Census Bureau).

Becky G’s four grandparents were immigrants to the United States from Jalisco, Mexico, while she, along with her two brothers and sister, grew up in the area of Moreno Valley, California. Undeniably a hard worker to this day, the star even worked several part-time jobs to help her family when she was younger.

“Ever since I was little, I felt in my heart to keep going and show that nothing is impossible,” Becky G said during the Coachella ceremony. “Si se puede in everything I do, in my career, in my personal life, with my mental health. In every aspect of my life, I want to show that we are capable and strong.”

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Becky G is celebrated by the people of Coachella

Becky shared an Instagram post on the City of Coachella’s recognition, where she thanked Mayor Steven Hernandez for this honor and acknowledged the strength of the Latino people, which is the one thing she shared that gets her through.

“It’s why I believe que si se puede and why we must all inspire one another to always dig deep, look ahead and push forward to continue to raise our flags with pride,” the post reads. “To the real Coachella, gracias. Es un honor tener la llave de tu corazón.”

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