Latinos Urge You To Watch The Film Blue Beetle

Sofia Jones
 | August 19, 2023

In support of Latino Creatives in Hollywood (and throughout the United States), 27 Latino Leaders unitedrecently and released a letter for the support of the striking Latino creatives.

Latino Leaders Issue Letter of Support for Strike and ‘Blue Beetle’

“… we are confronted with this pivotal moment across the media industry; a double strike that will havea significantly disproportionate impact on artists from underrepresented communities,” the letter says.

The current strikes of both the Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artistsand the Writers Guild of America come at a crucial time for Latino creatives. The momentum gained by talent, show runners and writers in the past year (as we were beginning to see more shows and films created and starring Latinos), is now at a dead halt.

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This happened during a crucial time, when these shows needed to be promoting to gain viewership. As the letter also states: “We were particularly optimistic about this summer. We were approaching a critical turning point for Latino representation as we saw the return of some of our favorite shows and characters, the launch of exciting new series, and prepared for a groundbreaking moment on the big screen – the first superhero movie directed, written, and starring Latinos . We were hopeful that our long overdue cultural moment had finally arrived.”

Since the actors for Blue Beetle have not been able to promote the film, due to guild/union rules, it isbeing left up to the director, Angel Manuel Soto (whose strike was settled over a month ago) to do the heavy lifting, and now it seems community leaders and the community as a whole encourage theaudience to support.

One such effort was a FREE community screening that minority-owned Latin Heat magazine and the nonprofit organizations Hispanic Coalition of Small Businesses and The Latino Slant organized for Blue Beetle’s release date, August 18, in an AMC movie theater in Burbank, California. This screening is funded by the presenting organization with a focus on bringing in students who can see themselves represented.

“For the sake of current and future generations of Latinos, we will not delay our progress any longer. We invite you to join us in our effort to amplify the work that countless Latino artists have worked so hard to create. It’s important that we show up for them at a time when they are not able to promote their projects,” the letter stated, adding: “Actors and writers deserve a deal that protects their work and livelihoods, so we will continue to support them as they fight for better treatment and fair compensation.

“And since we represent a rapidly growing demographic with tremendous influence over the global cultural landscape, we also remain dedicated to recognizing and celebrating their artistic excellence and its invaluable role in reflecting our community and culture on screen.”

It’s important that we show up for them at a time when they are not able to promote their projects. Our stories are universal and need to be told. Together, we must continue to advocate for a more equitable and inclusive industry, one that respects and honors our storytellers and stories.

To read the full letter, CLICK HERE

There is also a “movement of support” with the hashtag: #SupportLatinoCreatives.

You or your organization can help Blue Beetle meet the expectations of being the biggest Latino box office superhero hit by buying out a theater or a block of tickets. Let’s do this!

This story first appeared in Latin Heat.

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