Messi Does Miami

Michael Wynne
 | August 16, 2023

Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Illustration by Nuestro Stories

Argentina’s Lionel Messi is undoubtedly one the greatest fútbol players of all time. Primarily known for his tenure at the Spanish club Barcelona FC and the French PSG (Paris Saint Germain), and internationally playing for the Argentina team, the world was watching and questioning where Messi would choose to showcase his talents earlier this year.

The sports star surprised many by opting to join Inter Miami in the burgeoning Major League Soccer (MLS) League of America. And who could blame him? With its appealing combination of low taxes and stunning tropical landscapes, Miami has emerged as a favored destination for a wide array of celebrities and affluent families. Messi’s decision to settle in Miami has undoubtedly heightened the city’s allure and cultural richness.

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Fans and media outlets alike have captured Lionel Messi living a more casual lifestyle than may have been possible in his previous residences. Sightings of Messi running errands with his family around the city have cast him as an ordinary civilian.

“The family appeared to be embracing the American culture as Messi was spotted pushing a cart at the grocery store’s checkout with different types of cereal including General Mills’ Lucky Charms and Kellogg’s’ Fruit Loops,” UK’s reported.

And, while the World Cup and Champions League do hold a certain fascination in North America, their allure isn’t as profound as it was in the countries Messi previously inhabited (Spain, France), where a fútbol player’s fame could rival the prominence of the sky’s hue.

Several of America’s most prominent celebrities have made a special effort to attend Lionel Messi’s initial matches in Miami. LeBron James and various other distinguished athletes and actors have graced recent Inter Miami games, relishing the opportunity to meet one of fútbol’s most distinguished talents in history.

In addition to drawing the country’s top stars, Lionel Messi has become an integral part of Miami’s constellation of recognizable celebrities. At one of the club’s recent matches, Messi took the field alongside DJ Khaled’s son during the national anthems. Frankly speaking, it has become nearly impossible to avoid witnessing Messi engaging with a recognizable figure.

This isn’t the first instance of a legendary football player bringing their talents to the MLS; notable talents like recently retired Zlatan Ibrahimović and Gonzalo Higuain have preceded Messi. However, none quite match the magnetism and legend of Lionel Messi. Speculation suggests that the final years of this iconic athlete’s career will unfold in North America.

Given that he remains at the pinnacle of world-class players, it is hoped that his presence in the U.S. will not only elevate the competition within the MLS but also further kindle the passion for the game of fútbol.


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