6 Latin American Coffees You Should Try

Michael Wynne
 | May 30, 2024

For Latinos, coffee isn’t just a beverage. It’s a way of life. And, as Latin Americans will happily tell you, no two cafes are alike. From cortados to tintos, every country has its own special way of serving up the world’s favorite brew. Actually, the methods of brewing up a cup, or tasa, of coffee differs too. Some call it an art. And they would be correct.

Latin American Coffees You Should Try

“Since the 19th century, Latin America and the Caribbean nations have become key coffee producers, exporters, and consumers, the site Statistica explains. “Even with the challenges brought by climate change and inflation, among others, Latin America and the Caribbean accounted for nearly 60 percent of worldwide coffee production in 2022, with South America consistently being the largest coffee producer in the world.”

Here we list our top 6 Latin American coffees you should try. 

1. Café de la Olla (Mexico): This traditional Mexican coffee dates back to the early 1900s. Made with ground coffee, cinnamon, and raw dark sugar, this spiced drink is brewed in a clay pot, adding an earthy flavor to each sip.

2. Cortado (Spain, Portugal, Cuba): Originating from Spain and popular in Portugal and Cuba, the cortado is a smaller-sized coffee containing espresso and warm milk, offering a strong caffeine kick.

3. Tinto (Colombia): A Colombian favorite, tinto is a simple black coffee made by ‘cooking’ ground coffee in boiling water. Available everywhere from menus to street vendors, it’s the go-to caffeinated beverage in Colombia.

4. Lágrima (Argentina): Lágrima is for the cautious caffeine consumer. It’s warm milk with a tiny amount of espresso, providing a gentle yet satisfying coffee experience.

5. Café Chorreado (Costa Rica): Costa Rica’s “pour-over” coffee, café chorreado, allows coffee lovers to control the brewing process using a wooden device with a cotton filter.

6. Café Pasado (Peru): A variation on the café chorreado, café pasado is brewed using a two-chambered coffee brewer. It offers a customizable coffee experience, perfect for those seeking a personalized touch.

Featured photo of cafe by New Africa, courtesy of Depositphotos.

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