Ice Spice Commemorative MetroCard Unveiled

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 | May 16, 2024

It’s the end of an era in New York City. The dependable and iconic MetroCard, a symbol of urban mobility, is nearing its final chapter. And, in true New York fashion, the city spiced things up with an Ice Spice Commemorative MetroCard. Yes, the Dominican-American rapper’s image dons one of MetroCard’s last editions. And New Yorkers are thrilled. The sale of the card even sparked a frenzy at some subway stations.

“Thousands of MetroCards featuring the Bronx-born rapper went on sale Monday, and fans were spotted lining up to purchase the cards to commemorate the release of her debut album Y2K,’” the city’s local NBC news reports. “The NYPD was even called to control the crowd.”

Ice Spice’s Commemorative MetroCard

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) unveiled a limited 50,000 commemorative MetroCards featuring Ice Spice. These cards pay homage to the artist’s roots and her rising prominence in the music scene. It’s a notable accomplishment for the young New York native.

“Although the 24-year-old wasn’t born yet when the MetroCard replaced subway tokens in 1994, Ice Spice is likely among one of the last musical artists to be featured on the card – because the MTA is phasing out the use of MetroCards and fully replacing it with contactless fare payment next year,” NBC explains.

As the city gears up for a hot summer, the MTA is hoping the collectible cards add a touch of flair, and fun, to the daily commute.

Photo of New Yorkers with Ice Spice MetroCard courtesy of the MTA.

Why Ice Spice?

Ice Spice is a hometown hero in New York City. The Afro-Latina star burst onto the scene in 2021, collaborating with producer RiotUSA while still in college. Her music is a blend of hip-hop, R&B, and Caribbean influences.

“The sure-to-become iconic passes were created in collaboration with Capitol Records in anticipation of the rapper’s debut album Y2K, which Ice Spice confirmed she has finished recording even though no official release date for it has yet been announced,” TimeOutNewYork writes.

At midnight on Monday, May 13, the special MetroCards were available at only a few select stations in Manhattan and the Bronx. If you’re were lucky enough to snag one, you’ll hold a piece of Ice Spice’s legacy, and New York City history, in your hands. They serve as both a fare pass and a cultural artifact.

Celebrating MetroCard’s Retirement

Since its inception in 1994, MetroCard has had 400 different limited-edition cards. Besides Ice Spice, recent releases include Supreme, David Bowie, Notorious B.I.G, Kate Spade, KISS, and Law and Order.

But it’s all coming to an end soon. The MTA announced the last opportunity for advertisers “to create one of the final two ‘premium’ custom MetroCards available to customers.” 

“Creating one of the final custom MetroCards is the perfect opportunity for a brand, artist, or cultural institution to cement its place in transit history,” said MTA Chief Customer Officer Shanifah Rieara.

The Ice Spice collectible, and the last two collectibles, celebrate the retirement of the MetroCard. They also remind customers to embrace its replacement. Instead of their MetroCard, subway riders will soon use tap-and-go payments by using a bank card, smartphone, or wearable device.

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