Top 5 Frida Kahlo Sightings in Animation

Catherine A. Jones
 | May 17, 2024

It’s safe to say that Frida Kahlo is the most famous Mexican artist in the world, known for those raw self-portraits and her fierce spirit. What many may not have noticed is that she’s also popular in the world of animation. Look on screens of all sizes and the most recognized Mexican artist is everywhere. She’s been making cameos in animated TV shows, movies, and even web series for years now. Here, we bring you our top five Frida Kahlo sightings in animation, each capturing a unique side of Frida Kahlo.

Top 5 Frida Kahlo Sightings in Animation

From the Land of the Dead in the 2017 Disney/Pixar animated film “Coco“ to the quirky halls of HBO Max’s new animated series “Clone High,” Kahlo sightings are common, introducing the icon to a new generation of fans and art lovers.

1. “Coco”: Frida on The Bridge to the Living

Frida Kahlo makes two appearances in the animated film “Coco.” The first time she appears in the movie is when the character Ernesto disguises himself as the painter to cross the bridge to the land of the living. However, he’s denied entry as Kahlo, and reveals his true self. He’s denied entry again.

2. “Coco”: Frida in the Land of the Dead

The second time she comes on screen, Kahlo is portrayed as a spirit in the Land of the Dead. Miguel Rivera, the film’s protagonist, encounters Frida while exploring the arts district. She is busy preparing for a performance at Ernesto de la Cruz’s concert. Frida’s encouragement to Miguel reflects her own passion for self-expression and creativity.

3. “The Simpsons”: Marge as Frida

In the episode titled “Now Museum, Now You Don’t,” Homer Simpson plays Diego, Kahlo’s husband, and Marge Simpson plays Frida Kahlo. In it, the two move to America when Diego is commissioned to paint a mural at Rockefeller Center. Marge/Frida is left out and considers leaving Diego, but she hesitates. In an effort to gain recognition, Marge/Frida shows her artwork to Homer/Diego, who praises it. When he tries to incorporate his wife’s ideas into his mural, Rockefeller demands changes. Diego refuses, and they both leave. 

4. “Barbie Vlogs”: Inspiring Role Model

Barbie Vlogs is a web-exclusive animated series that began in 2015. In it, its star Barbie Roberts is a vlogger who talks about her friends and family and topics that are important to her. On a birthday episode, Barbie introduces her viewers to one of her role models: Frida Kahlo. “ … today is my birthday and my birthday present to you is to share the story of Frida Kahlo. Her work and her story inspires me everyday,” she explains in the episode. 

5. “Clone High”: Frida as a Clone

In the new animated Original HBO Max TV show “Clone High,” from the Academy Award-winning producers of “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse,”  Frida Kahlo is brought back as a full-grown clone in a high school made up of historic figures. Clone High School Principal Scudworth creates the Frida Clone (and the Cleopatra Clone) to help turn Clone High High School into a religious institution. The show humorously plays with the concept of cloning and features a laid-back version of Frida Kahlo, voiced by American singer/songwriter and actress of Mexican origin, Vicci Martinez

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