Billboard Latin Women in Music Awards Winners 

Nuestro Stories Staff
 | June 13, 2024

Miami hosted the Second Annual Billboard Latin Women in Music Awards, which was streamed on June 9, on Telemundo and Peacock, for music fans everywhere. The two-hour music special celebrated “Latin female artists proactively working for positive change, inclusion, and gender parity in the music industry,” according to Billboard.

At the center of this grand celebration was Colombian Singer Karol G, who was awarded Billboard’s Latin Woman of the Year. She wasn’t able to appear in person because of her world tour, but she gave a heartfelt acceptance speech via video.

“This award is for every woman who dreams and works hard,” she said when accepting the award.

But Karol G was not the only star to shine that night.

Billboard Latin Women in Music Award Winners

Icons and rising stars were also recognized during the event. In addition to Karol G, Billboard honored the following artists:

Ana Bárbara (Lifetime Achievement): Ana Bárbara is known for her versatility and enduring hits in the Regional Mexican genre. Her influence on the genre has paved the way for many female artists in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Ángela Aguilar (Musical Dynasty): Ángela Aguilar, the young powerhouse with an old soul, was celebrated for her exceptional artistry and the fresh approach she brings to ranchera music. At just 20 years old, Aguilar has already made a significant impact.

Camila Cabello (Global Impact): The evening also paid tribute to Camila Cabello, whose Cuban-Mexican heritage and global pop success have made her a standout figure in the music industry. Cabello’s ability to infuse Latin influences into mainstream pop has garnered her a dedicated international fanbase, proving that authenticity and success can go hand in hand.

Gloria Estefan (The Legend Award): Living legend Gloria Estefan was honored for her decades-long contribution to music and her role as a cultural ambassador. Estefan’s fusion of Latin rhythms with pop sensibilities has transcended generations, earning her countless awards and the adoration of fans worldwide. 

Kany García (Spirit of Change): Kany García, with her soulful voice and poignant songwriting, was recognized for her contributions to Latin pop and her advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights. García’s music often delves into themes of love, identity, and social justice, making her a voice for the marginalized and a champion for inclusivity.

Kali Uchis (Rising Star): Kali Uchis, whose unique blend of R&B, soul, and reggaeton has carved out a niche in the music scene, was celebrated for her innovative sound and artistic vision. Her bilingual lyrics and eclectic style have won her critical acclaim and a devoted following.

La India (The Pioneer Award): Lastly, the legendary salsa queen La India was honored for her electrifying performances and impact on Latin music. Known as the “Princess of Salsa,” La India’s voice and passionate delivery have made her a beloved figure in the genre.

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