Meet “The Mexican Big Bird”

Nuestro Stories Staff
 | June 24, 2024

He’s big, green, and covered with feathers. Meet Abelardo Montoya, the “Mexican Big Bird,” a green, full-bodied Muppet parrot on “Plaza Sésamo,” the Mexican co-production of “Sesame Street.”  But, contrary to what others may say, he’s not the Mexican version of Big Bird. He’s Big Bird’s cousin in Mexico. That’s why they’ve appeared on the show together. But who is Abelardo, beyond his colorful feathers?

Meet Abelardo Montoya,The Mexican “Big Bird”

Born in Mexico City, Abelardo comes from a long line of parrots known for their curiosity and love of learning. His ancestors were renowned for their ability to recite poetry, solve riddles, and even perform basic arithmetic.

“Although Abelardo has been on the show since 1973, he’s only 4-years-old,” Sesame Workshop explains.

Over the years, his design has changed. His features are now a green body, pink and red head, yellow beak, and a big tail.  Although he was introduced in the 70s, he’s still a curious preschooler who loves solving problems, learning new things (especially letters), and playing.

“Though usually optimistic and positive, Abelardo struggles with the frustrations of any other young child. He is learning his alphabet and starting to read,” Muppet Fandom explains.

Fun Facts

Abelardo has become a household name across Mexico, and Latin America. And he’s even visited his cousin Big Bird on Sesame Street, introducing him to the show’s little fans in the United States.

Here are more fun facts about Abelardo:

  1. Name Change: Aberlardo’s first name was Serapio Montoya. But it was changed in the 90s.
  2. Bilingual (kind of): Abelardo is not just fluent in Spanish, he can chirp a little in English to talk to his cousin. Oscar the Grouch taught him the word “scram.”
  3. Playful: Abelardo loves swings, roller-skating, singing, and dancing. 
  4. Online: He may be a preschooler, but Aberlardo is busy on social media. His X/Twitter account has over 34,000 followers. His handle is @soy_aberlardo.

    Featured photo “Big Bird in Sesame Street Party Parade at Seaworld 1,”  by VIAVAL, courtesy of DepositPhotos.

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