Sonia Sotomayor: First Latina Justice To Serve on the Supreme Court

Michael Wynne
 | June 1, 2022

Credit: Wiki Commons

Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina justice to serve on the Supreme Court, was born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican parents. 

Even though Sotomayor’s mother was an orphan from the rural areas of Puerto Rico and her father had no higher than a third grade education, she has received the education of dreams–a scholarship to Princeton University and a J.D. from Yale‘s School of Law.

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Growing up, Sotomayor was a fan of the CBS legal dramas, and has specifically credited the show Perry Mason as a huge inspiration to her career as a judge.

Sotomayor’s father unfortunately passed away when she was just nine years old, but watching the evening CBS programs with him will always be a great memory for her.

Sotomayor’s first notable national achievement came in 1991 when former president George HW Bush nominated her for the U.S. District Court of southern New York. She used her new position to be a force for more affordable housing and to bring attention to gentrification and other societal issues that are not commonly addressed.

Sonia Sotomayor still fights for the little guy even from the highest seat. Most notably she has been the deciding vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act. She was also the first supreme justice nominated by Barack Obama when he took office in 2008.×300.png

Michael Wynne is a writer from New York living in Los Angeles with roots in Puerto Rico and Wales. Passionate about storytelling and film, he’s currently working on several scripts and producing content for various businesses brands.

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