The Long Game: The Story of the Latino Teens Becoming Golf Champions Will Hit the Big Screen

 | April 10, 2023

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The true and unique story of Mexican-American teens golfing in the 1950s is about to hit the big screen and bring audiences together, according to its director. Millions will soon know of the obstacles five young golfers had to endure – from not being allowed in their hometown’s “white members’ only” country club to teaching themselves golf swings.

Based on the book Mustang Miracle by author Humberto G. Garcia, the movie “The Long Game” is targeted for Latino and mainstream audiences alike.

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A story where Latinos lead in golf

“When I started reading into it … what really resonated with me was these young guys who, you know, they were left out, but instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they actually went out and built a course in the middle of a field and taught themselves hot to golf with old clubs,” film director Julio Quintana told the Texas Standard.

Quintana admitted that he had never heard of this story before reading the book, which, he said, makes him think of all the untold anecdotes that have yet to reach the ears of a larger audience.

“I think what it became was a story of these young guys learning to be men – contributing members of society, respecting themselves, which is the most important thing,” Quintana told the Standard, adding: “… It’s really just a classic coming-of-age story.”

It’s also a story that needed to be told, according to one of its stars, Jay Hernandez, explaining: “It’s just a fascinating story, and those kind of things are often overlooked in Hollywood … stories that deal with Latino history.”

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