Grupo Frontera is Currently Experiencing Their Breakthrough Moment Thanks to Bad Bunny

 | May 1, 2023

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There is a Regional Mexican music explosion at the moment. From Grupo Frontera breaking records to Singer Peso Pluma becoming one of the most recognizable names in the genre, the music scene is giving the keys to traditional sounds.

Take Grupo Frontera, for instance: the Mexican band from Tijuana has been making music for over a decade, but it was their recent collaboration with Bad Bunny that brought them to the forefront of the Latin music scene.

Their breakthrough moment came when Bad Bunny featured them on his hit song “Un x100to,” which quickly became a fan favorite. Grupo Frontera’s distinct sound, blending traditional Regional Mexican music with modern urban beats, perfectly complemented Bad Bunny’s signature style.

“In only 8 hours of tracking, Bad Bunny & Grupo Frontera’s ‘un x100to’ debuts at #4 on Spotify Global with 4,218,971 streams” the fan account Bad Bunny Access reported on social media.

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The origins of Grupo Frontera

The band, made up of brothers Jesus and Salvador Arroyo and their cousin Roberto Arroyo, has been playing together since they were teenagers. They started off playing at family gatherings and local parties but soon caught the attention of bigger venues.

Their unique sound has been influenced by their upbringing in Tijuana, a border town known for its eclectic mix of cultures. The band members grew up listening to everything from traditional Mexican music to American rock and hip-hop.

Their music is a reflection of their diverse influences, blending the traditional sounds of the accordion and bajo sexto with the modern beats of reggaeton and hip-hop. This fusion of styles has earned them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim.

Their breakthrough moment

Their collaboration with Bad Bunny has brought them even more attention, and they have been featured on various music platforms and news outlets. They recently performed on the Latin Grammy Awards stage, solidifying their place in the Latin music industry.

Grupo Frontera’s breakthrough moment with Bad Bunny has been a long time coming, and they are determined to continue making music that blends traditional and modern sounds. They hope to inspire other artists to embrace their roots while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Latin music.

As they continue to make their mark in the industry, Grupo Frontera remains true to their roots, never forgetting where they came from and always celebrating the rich cultural heritage that has influenced their music.

Grupo Frontera is currently on their much-anticipated, 20-city “El Comienzo” Tour.

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