From Cuba to Hollywood: Ana de Armas Empowers a New Generation of Latinas in the Industry

Catherine A. Jones
 | July 9, 2023

Illustration by: Nuestro Stories

It’s 2023 and we are still experiencing “firsts” within the Latino community because closing the representation gap has been a long and grueling process. Yet, it also gives us the opportunity to celebrate modern history-makers, such as Ana de Armas, in real time. But what makes her so special?

Well, plenty. For starters, Ana de Armas, the talented Cuban-Spanish actress, is not only making waves in the entertainment industry but also inspiring a generation of Latinas. Through her groundbreaking achievements, such as being the first Cuban actress to receive an Academy Award nomination and her historic appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL), she is shattering barriers, paving the way for Latinas, and serving as an inspiration for aspiring artists.

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Ana de Armas Makes History

De Armas’s Oscar nomination is a monumental milestone that established her as a trailblazer, representing the rich talent and cultural heritage of Cuba. Her exceptional performance in the film “Blonde” garnered critical acclaim and enough recognition to have her become a household name in what felt like almost an instant. 

In a historic moment, Ana de Armas participated in SNL’s first-ever all-Spanish-language skit, as highlighted by ¡Hola! magazine. Collaborating with Colombian superstar, Karol G, de Armas demonstrated her versatility and commitment to celebrating Latino culture while allowing her work to reach a wider audience.

Beyond her achievements and groundbreaking roles, Ana de Armas serves as an empowering figure. She embodies the potential for Latinas to break through stereotypes and claim their rightful place in the industry.

Ana de Armas’s rise to prominence not only signifies her talent and tenacity but also underscores the importance of representation. With each milestone she achieves, she becomes a guiding light, carving a path for future generations of Latinas in Hollywood. Through her journey, de Armas showcases that dreams can indeed be realized and that Latinas can make an impactful difference.

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Featured image is from the image Hoja Suelta, by José Guadalupe Posada, 1901.
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