A Brief History of the Latino Community Called Pueblo in Colorado

Isaac Vallenilla
 | March 8, 2023

Credit: Lorin Granger/HLS Staff Photographer

El Pueblo, in Colorado, is now a rich Latino cultural community, and everything has to do with its origin. 

The set date is 1842, when El Pueblo was founded as a Trading Post. Its perfect location on the U.S.-Mexico border served as one of Colorado’s first independent trading posts and a hub for fur and trap traders from the United States, Mexico, and Native American tribes.

Six years after its founding, El Pueblo Trading Post, as part of the state of Colorado, became part of the United States with the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty that ended the war with Mexico.

An attack that changed history

In 1854, Native Americans of the Utes tribe attacked El Paso Trading Post. The area was abandoned after the attack, and the remnants were only used as a temporary shelter for travelers in the following years. 

During the gold rush, the settlers founded a new city on the opposite bank of Fountain Creek. A few years later, settlers used the adobe bricks from the trading post, began building their buildings, and adopted the name Pueblo (Town or People in Spanish).

The town quickly became an important social and economic center displacing Fountain City. In a cycle of sorts, its success was the same as that of its predecessor.

At the end of the 1950s, the Pueblo History Museum was inaugurated to recover and recreate the structures of the town’s origins in a natural way. 

Things You Should Know Before You Go:

  • Pueblo is known as the “Steel City” because it has a center for steel manufacturing in Colorado. 
  • Pueblo is also the state’s ninth most populated city, with about 111,776 residents as of 2020
  • The Chili and Frijoles Festival is held every September. The festival lasts three days and includes live music, chili cooking contests, and much more.
  • El Pueblo Heritage Museum tells the story of Pueblo and Colorado from prehistoric times to the Depression.
  • Pueblo is home to more Medal of Honor recipients than any other U.S. municipality.
  • In 1979, the Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce was founded to help Latinos and small businesses in Southern Colorado grow and succeed.

Location: Pueblo, Colorado

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