Katya Echazarreta Honored with Planetarium

Michael Wynne
 | April 3, 2023

Credit: @katvoltage

It has been quite a year for Astronaut/Engineer Katya Echazarreta. A planetarium in Mexico City named a planetarium after her called The Katya Echazarreta Planetarium in honor of her work as the first Mexican born astronaut to visit outer space. 

 “We decided to build this planetarium with the best infrastructure so that Iztapalapa becomes a center for the promotion of science, with this planetarium … thousands of girls and boys will learn what happens in space and will be able to be the initiators of a change of mentality, who will fall in love with being scientists and have examples like Katya”, said Clara Brugada, Mayor of Iztapalapa.

The site will be a celebration of Katya’s accomplishments as well as a celebration of space, and all the discoveries and wonders that come with it. At the planetarium, there will be screenings of documentaries that encompass the stories that inspired Katya, curated with the hope to inspire thousands upon thousands of boys and girls throughout the years.

It is also set to feature a turtle farm, gardens and greenhouses. Telescopes and a planet themed roof will also be accessible for children to explore the wonders of space. It sounds like a fun and informative must-see in the heart of Mexico City!

Katya Echazarreta was born in Guadalajara in 1995 and emigrated to the United States with her family, where she developed a passion for electrical engineering at a very young age.

She has made a name for herself, but her most notable accomplishment is being selected for the “Blue Origin” space mission in 2022, which made her the first Mexican born woman in space.

At just 27 years old, she deserves all the flowers and recognition that she is getting. She will surely inspire millions for years to come.

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