Christian Gonzalez shows pride in his Colombian roots on draft night

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Former Oregon Duck defensive back Christian Gonzalez was one of the star selections for the New England Patriots during NFL Draft Night this past year. In his excitement, Gonzalez shared his Colombian pride by displaying the country’s vibrant flag inside of his suit jacket. The New England Patriots have always managed to draft great defensive talent under the tenure of head coach Bill Belichick. And, on draft night, this tradition continued.

"It's been a dream since I was 5, 6 years old when I started playing football. It's kind of surreal. I don't think it's truly hit." said Christian Gonzalez

Christian Gonzalez shows pride in his Colombian roots 

During NFL Draft Night, Gonzalez said he wanted to honor his heritage. "I wore it because I'm Colombian. To just be able to put it on for South America; they don't really play football over there. So having little kids know they can do what they want if they set their mind to it, I just want to be able to let them know they have somebody to look up,” Gonzalez explained.

Gonzalez is sure to have the spotlight on him as he follows a line of tremendous New England defensive backs under Bill Belicheck with a history of Hall of Fame names, like Derrelle Revis and Rodney Harrison.

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